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Tiffany & Co.: The Keys To My Heart

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When we think of keys, we typically associate them with a certain significance. Like how we use them to keep our most important items locked up, precious memories like letters from our first love, photographs we treasure, even trinkets that we all have great sentimental attachment to, with a key being the only way to unlock them.


With Tiffany & Co., the key symbolises that exact sentiment, one of great significance that can be used to celebrate milestones in our everyday lives. Coming of age, first job, first love, opening oneself to new beginnings and the world of possibilities, and one that starts with Tiffany’s emblematically enchanting Key.


A modern yet timeless collection of pendants in the shape of a key that was first introduced in 2008, Tiffany’s Key collection encompasses over 200 designs that include everything from fleur-de-lis to trefoil flowers and hearts, even keys inspired by actual vintage pieces. Available in a wide variety of metals from the humble (sterling silver) to precious (all manner of gold and platinum), some come as is, others come adorned with sparkling diamonds complete with the most detailed of metalwork.

Once you’ve chosen the Key (or keys, since some of them are sold in pairs), the next step in making it truly yours will be the addition of a necklace chain, which are sold separately. You can wear your Key short or long (there are 5 different lengths that range from 40 cm to 76 cm), but the best way to decide is to head down to a Tiffany & Co. boutique yourself and try on as many pieces as you like.

Wear them on their own, or just add on a new Key every time you achieve a new milestone in your life. Prices range from SGD265 to SGD42,800, depending on the design you pick, which just leaves one question. Which Key from Tiffany & Co. will be one that unlocks your heart?

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Montblanc introduces two new editions to its Heritage Rouge and Noir collection

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Montblanc is one label that we can blindly rely on when it comes to exclusive and top-notch writing instruments. The brand has unfailing delivered since its conception in 1906, and in fact it has only gotten better through painstaking research and a passion for its craft over the years. Back in the year 1909, the marquee mesmerized us all with the introduction of the “Rouge et Noir”, which was further improvised upon time and again up until 2016.

Again, this year, the brand’s much revered Heritage Rouge & Noir collection sees the addition of two delightful writing wonders, each unique in form and structure. Both novel editions carry the signature serpent coiling around the top that draw back to the elegant vintage look of the brand’s 1920s pen clip design. The first in the collection is the elegant Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir Tropic Brown Special Edition which offers a visual tribute to the 20’s era with the incorporation of the colors that were used by the Maison back then. It features a unique brown on the cap and the lacquered barrel that references the natural ageing under the sun and humidity of the tropics, a color effect also seen on the ageing organic black ebonite of early Montblanc pens.

Next we have the luxe Solitaire Serpent Limited Edition 1906 that comes along with a mix of traditional silverware craftsmanship alongside the use of champagne toned gold-coated fittings and a brushed platinum-coated surface. While the Solitaire Serpent is available in Fountain Pen and a Rollerball versions, the Tropic brown is available in an additional Ballpoint variant as well. Make your own pick, as either of the two novel Montblanc’s are set to make an equally brilliant add to your pen collection!

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Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

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Balenciaga Triangle Medium Duffle Bag Collection Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag this unique form of one-of-a-kind and wonderful and the silhouette. You might think that a synonym for sports Duffle Bag bags, which are typically cylindrical in shape but there are generally more than what we know. Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag is all about multi function with a handle over the rolled up for easy hand carry. It also has a detachable shoulder strap, adjustable for shoulder or entire body brings. It also boasts a zip-around closure for a more complete access. Lastly, the Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag has an embossed logo placed at the bottom for brand recognition.

Balenciaga Triangle Small Duffle Bag Collection Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag CollectionBalenciaga Triangle Small Duffle Bag Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag CollectionBalenciaga Triangle Medium Duffle Bag Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

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Pre-Fall 2017 Womens Dior Collection

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If you love the new Dior, you’ll definitely love the new Pre-Fall 2017 Womens Dior collection that’s slowly appearing in our sunny shore’s boutiques. And with Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri giving the French luxury label a complete 360, everything’s different now, yet somewhat the same if you know what I mean.

Take the use of aged gold-tone hardware for instance, which must surely be one of her favourite metals since it appears on most everything, from the hardware of the bags new and old alike, to essentials like rings and pendant chains. Everything is also a tad more whimsical, less proper French boarding school girl, more French wild child hippie, if you know what I mean.

And because there’s really a lot to take in all at once, from the sexy-as-hell jet black patent leather Diorama with aged gold-toned hardware (what else, right?) to Dior Tribales earrings given the Chiuri twist, just sit back, relax and take it all in first. I’ll be back with more posts to tell you more about them, how much they cost and which are the ones that are most definitely keepers.


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Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Review

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Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Review Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Review

Chanel Cruise 2018 has returned to Paris to roll out the brand’s latest collection. Having previously presented the collection in Dubai, Seoul and Havana. Karl Lagerfeld has taken his inspiration from the statue of Venus was in the apartment of Coco Chanel, recreating the ancient collection. Chanel Cruise 2018 runway showing Ancient Greece theme, with a collection entitled “La Modernité de l’Antiquité” or “The Modernity of Antiquity”. Chanel Cruise 2018 runway bag with fastener bag includes a variety of different sizes and colors. Gabrielle Bag returns this season in new colors and materials. Clutch bags in a variety of patterns were introduced on the runway.

Chanel Cruise 2018 Handbag Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Shoes Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Accessories Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Bag Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Bucket Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag ReviewChanel Cruise 2018 Clutch Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Review

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